I still have shoots left to do this year, but wanted to write down some thoughts before the year ends.
As I sit down to write, I am overwhelmed. This has been the busiest and most exciting year of my career and I am so grateful. I am thankful to all of you who’ve hired me and referred me to others. I am thankful to my amazing husband for the 5 million ways he displays his love to me. I am thankful to my friends and family for their prayers and constant encouragement.
Most of all I am humbled, in awe, and am indescribably thankful to my heavenly Father. He has allowed me to grow so much this year, in ways I can’t put into words. My desire is that those who would see my work would recognize that He is the one who directs me.
That He would have the glory.
There have been many occasions where I have failed. There have been difficult shoots where children are unhappy, weather isn’t cooperating, technical problems occur, or I’m just lacking in creativity. But, through it all I always come home to find that I have better results than I would be able to produce on my own. There is no other explanation than God’s grace.
I will continue to keep my prices low in hopes of being a blessing to others. Aside from raising Godly children, and being a loving wife, that is the only other way I know to honor Him with my talents.
Thank you all again.
I am truly humbled.

Our family photo taken this year by our dear friend and an amazing photographer, Josh Reeder.



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2 thoughts on “2009”

  1. laurel – i think your work is beautiful. it pulled me in the first time i saw it. i'm hoping maybe one time when we're home visiting my parents, we can have a photo session with you and our little guy… keep up the great work. god is good, and he's using you to prove it…

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