Twelve years ago today, this really cool guy came over to my apartment and made me read this letter he wrote to me as we sat on the couch together.

This letter changed my life and my heart in the moments while I was reading it.

I fell in love with him that night.

That was the first day.

This is the 4,380th day.

It has gotten deeper and more rich with each passing day.

For me to say that 99% of those days have been extraordinarily happy days, would be a large statement. But, it’s true.

I truly believe that God made us for each other. And, we were thankfully wise enough to see it.

Our 10th wedding anniversary is in just a few weeks. I’m sure I will post about that as well. I just can’t help myself.

But, I couldn’t let this day pass without a reminder of how over-abundantly blessed I am to have Bjon as my other half.

These are a few pics of us in the first months of our relationship.

Asleep on the couch, and out to dinner one night.



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