My baby is 6!

This is a big day on my side of the family.

My daughter was born, not only on my niece’s birthday, but my step-mom’s birthday as well.

So, there’s lots of celebrating going on in the DePriest family on November 13th.

But, for us Pankratz’s, it’s the day we watch our baby get one year older and restrain ourselves from tearing up throughout the day.

The day Eisley was born continues to be one of my favorite days of my life.

For obvious reasons, it was joyful. But, it all happened exactly as I had prayed it would and the whole experience of her birth was blessed from beginning to arrival.

Every day after that has been more joyful than I could have imagined. I cannot fathom who we would be without her.

We didn’t even know what her name meant for a few years, since we couldn’t find a translation that didn’t lead back to Star Wars.

But, a couple of years ago I found a name meaning site and found that Eisley means “cheerful”.

How insanely appropriate.

Here’s is my beautiful daughter on her 6th birthay.



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